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    Dog Grooming Services

Pet Pawlor is a full service Dog Boarding Kennel and Dog Grooming styling salon. We cater to your pets every need. Whether it's dog boarding or dog grooming services, our goal is to have your pet enjoy their stay. Our dog grooming service will shampoo, deep clean, and sooth your pet's skin with top of the line conditioners to polish their coats. We hand fluff dry to remove old and tangled dead coat. Rubber brush and curry combs are used on short hair breeds to remove dead unwanted coat to simulate the skin. All pets receive ear cleaning with hair removal if necessary. Treats and water are offered throughout their entire stay at Pet Pawlor along with a variety of toys to keep them entertained.

Below are dog grooming services we offer
"Pricing for dog grooming services is given when your pet is seen."
Additional fee may apply if heavy matting or fleas infestation found.

All Dog Grooming Services include:

Dog Boarding

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